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“It is intimate. It is therapeutic and healing.

It is not entertainment." - Kendra Holliday

One could argue the work of sexual surrogacy has been present since ancient times; it is well documented that traditional cultures around the world employed the wisdom of the mature feminine and masculine to provide a sacred sexual initiation to its members in order to educate and guide future partners and their relationships.

Fast forward a few millennia, the practice is very much alive in its original cultural form, however, the modern therapeutic version was officially created in the '50s by the pioneering work of Masters & Johnson’s. It is a partnered therapeutic modality that when well facilitated can be extremely powerful and efficient to support individuals overcome sexual, intimacy and relational issues.


The Naked Room is the home of Sexual Surrogacy Uk, specializing in offering the best and most up to date  Sexual Surrogacy experience.

Who is a Sexual Surrogate?

At The Naked Room sexual surrogates come in all shapes and sizes from all backgrounds and sexual orientation; some prefer and become specialized to work exclusively with a single-gender or a certain type of client while others can cater to a wide scope of individuals. Professional Sexual Surrogates are also called Surrogate Partners. 


What leads someone to choose this path is very unique to them but at the home of Surrogate Partner Therapy UK, we are extremely passionate, committed, emotionally mature (mostly) with a great sense of humor and have a welcoming non-judgemental open mind attitude. 


A professional Sexual Surrogate is also highly trained, helping people have better sex and overcome social, sexual and intimacy issues through a series of progressive hands-on practical experiences; covering social skills, communication, relaxation, sensual & sexual touching and much more. 

Dissolving one sexual hang up at a time.

How Do Sessions Work?

Despite being almost identical in nature and its practice, there are two distinct types of services that come under this ctegory; 


Surrogate Partner Therapy - What defines the work of a professional surrogate partner is a triad between partner, a licensed therapist, and the client. It is important to note that clients inquiring about surrogate partner therapy will already have in place the support of their own therapist or request to be referred to a qualified therapist before starting their journey. No ethical surrogate works with clients without this support in place.


Sexual Surrogacy - What defines the work of a professional sexual surrogate is their ability to work with clients independently from the therapeutic triad, in saying that a professional sexual surrogate, will still be supported and supervised by their mentors in order to ensure you get the best care.

Mentors, may or may not be qualified therapists but are often trained practitioners in the area of sexual and relational mentoring/coaching. Mentors are also available to support clients if and when requested but it's, not a requirement.   

Sexual Surrogacy or Surrogate Partner Therapy  experience will typically involve the following:

Nice to meet you!

The first step is a simple 'Hello'. We start by laying the foundation of mental intimacy first. There`s no rush or pressure.

Hands ON!

All touch-based experiences are co-created and agreed upon beforehand. Each set of experiences is designed to progressively support the development of the client in a safe container. There’s enough flexibility in each desired experience for it to be spontaneously and creatively guided.

SPT - Downloading  

Sessions with the therapist are interwoven with our sessions, and there is an agreement between the surrogate and therapist to collaborate and communicate after each client session to best address the overall desired outcome for the client.

For those who choose Sexual Surrogacy, there is no need for therapy sessions to be interwoven with our sessions however there is an agreement between the surrogate and their mentor/supervisor to collaborate and communicate after every three to five client sessions or whenever necessary.


A Sexual Surrogate might also recommend a client is supported by a therapist or decline to engage with a potential client without therapeutic support if they feel it`s is needed.

Safety is Paramount!  

Since SPT and Sexual Surrogacy may include, if/when appropriate, kissing, oral loving, outercourse, penetration, intercourse, and love making it is a requirement that all clients and surrogates undergo STI checks before their first session and every three months after its commencement for the duration of the agreement. The results are shared between client/surrogate & therapist or mentor. In all interactions involving genital to genital contact, it is compulsory the use of condoms and surrogates are accountable for their contraceptive preferences. For all clients regardless of sexual orientation, we offer, if desired, guidance on contraceptive methods prior to the commencement of sessions.  

Am I seeing you again?

The length of a program is very flexible and depends almost exclusively on your progress in reaching your desired outcome - in saying that other factors that influence the completion of your journey are but not exclusively, number of sessions undertaken per month, time spent in each session, level of sexual and intimacy experience and many other factors. During our first sessions, we will address some of those issues and come up with a plan that works for you. 

Consciously uncoupling 

Closure is one of the most intimate and profound experiences of sexual surrogacy; it is letting go of what has been and looking forward to what`s going to be.

The Next Chapter

After your sessions have come to an end in order to help you transition from 'therapy' to action, our team will offer free online support and guidance for the first three months. These are comprised of weekly guidance emails and monthly 60 minutes calls. You can opt-out of, or request receiving after-care support at any time.  


"At the heart of sexual surrogacy lies the deepest desire of them all - fulfill the capacity for an extraordinary intimate life and to belong."

- Kaly M.

* Please Note, during sessions while it’s okay to reduce the level of agreement for any part of my experience and/or completely stop it; in order to safeguard pre-determined boundary agreements, it is not possible to increase the level of the agreement once the session has started. Any further requests would have to be deferred to another session. 

Is It Right For Me?

Sexual Surrogacy and Surrogate partner therapy are NOT for everyone, it requires time, commitment and financial investment.


It’s not a one size fits all and it`s important not to rush the process and allow time to focus on different developmental areas, including goal-free sex. 


It’s designed to support you to delve and overcome your personal sexual and intimacy challenges in an interpersonal and sexual partnered exploration. It’s mostly for those who do not have a partner with whom they can address these issues, despite relational status.

If you feel this is right for you, I welcome anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation to explore in a safe, non-judgemental container their sexual desires, expansion, pleasure and/or overcome limitations.

Sexual Surrogacy is not psychotherapy, tantra or medical treatment. It is trauma-informed however it is NOT designed as trauma therapy unless accompanied and supported by an experienced trauma therapist.  


You will need to be over the age of 21 and be willing to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions excluding a taster session.

Please refer to the Surrogate Partner Therapy Code of Ethics

Where Are Sessions Held?

I offer a range of different options for sessions.


1-on-1 sessions are held at a convenient central London location a stone`s throw from London Bridge and easy commute access. Free parking is not available in this location but can be easily arranged online - click here.

Please note - This venue is not equipped to cater to those in need of special mobility access.

Home visits in London, other locations within the U.K. or if you are based overseas are available upon request. Please contact me if you`d like to find out more about this option -

Retreats are offered for those wishing to make the most of their time and benefit from a fully immersive experience. Read More

Aftercare support is offered via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

Exploration & Taster Sessions

Exploration Session will give you the opportunity to meet over the phone, enquire about my work and discover how I can best support you in your journey - it is a 30 minutes chat, free of charge or any commitments.


If you feel I’m the right match for you, I highly recommend a taster session to further support your experience of making an informed choice. These sessions are designed as an experiential introduction to the foundation of my work which is based on The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin and the basis of the practice and development of bodywork and conscious sexuality. 

*Please note I do not offer, kissing, nudity or genital touch during a taster session even if it`s what`s desired. 

Prior to our first appointment, you will receive by email an intake form and consent form as well as Terms & Conditions, that need to be completed and returned.

Investment & Pay It Forward

I understand this is a big step for you and if you are reading this is because you`ve taken some time to get to where you are and might need more time to take action. It`s normal!

The idea of engaging with a surrogate partner is often mind-boggling and pretty nerve-racking. It`s not uncommon that someone, just like you, will need to take some time and consider. - Sometimes days, months and even years elapse between having knowledge of the practice and taking action.  


Surrogate Partner Therapy and Sexual Surrogacy are often misinterpreted due to its hands-on partnered nature and not many people and professionals for that matter are aware of its existence. If you`ve made it this far, congratulations, you are already a few steps ahead! How about if you take just one more step today? 

Book an Exploration Session for a 30 minutes chat, free of charge or any commitments. If you feel I’m the right match for you I'd like to invite you to take another step and book a Taster Session which will give you an opportunity to experience a single session without the need for further commitment.


Sexual Surrogacy and Surrogate Partner Therapy are relational and intimate experiences in nature therefore we require a minimum commitment of 3 sessions (consecutive, weekly, fortnightly or monthly), excluding a taster session.


We work with Neuroplasticity, which requires repetition, practice and time for long term transformation to take place. I always recommend packages and retreats as the most cost-effective path. Practice makes it permanent! 

Pay it Forward!

If you feel you could benefit from my work but rates are a challenge I offer a limited number of sessions with reduced rates based on individual circumstances. 

Discounted group rates are also available.

Please get in touch to find out more -

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. - Lao Tzu           


Duration 60 Mins

Rate £100.00


Duration 120 Mins

Rate £360.00

Duration 180 Mins

Rate £500.00


Duration Full-Day

approx. 6hrs

Daily Rate £1000.00


Duration Full-Day

approx. 10hrs

Daily Rate £1200.00


  3 sessions   5% off

  5 sessions 10% off

10 sessions 15% off

All bookings are subject to T&Cs


30 min


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