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Connecting with your body, noticing the subtle feelings and sensations; 

moving into an experiential world of release and celebration. 


The Essence of Embodiment invites you to access all parts of your being, supported by the therapeutic practice of Psychosexual Somatics.

PST bridges the gap between cognitive therapy and hands-on body-work.

How Does It Work?

The 4 stages of PST 

It starts in your head! - Cognitive Approach:

Using a combination of coaching and therapeutic techniques to bring awareness to patterns of behavior, repetitive negative script and limiting self-beliefs.

My body is my temple! - Embodiment practices 

Inviting you to connect with sensations and emotions in your body through a series of practices, such as guided breath, movement, and sound in order to acknowledge their presence, understanding limitations and gifts and aligning consciously Mind & Body.

Let it GO! - Physical Release: 

Moving emotional and somatic blocks through embodiment techniques.

It`s getting HOT in here! - Sexual Integration: 

Supports the client to re-connect and reclaim their sexual power, noticing and freeing remaining resistance. 


 PST works on the principle that in its core, sexual issues are merely symptoms of avoidance of connection with ourselves and others. All sexual issues are potentially intimacy issues. 

Is It Right For Me?

Psychosexual Somatic is for anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation, relational status and over the age of 18 looking to explore in a safe, non-judgemental container their sexual desires, expansion, pleasure and/or overcome limitations.


In sessions, clients remain fully clothed and there are no intimate/genital or internal touch techniques, which some clients might not be ready for or desire.


PST is not psychotherapy, surrogacy, tantra or medical treatment. It is trauma-informed however it is NOT designed as trauma therapy.

Please refer to the Code of Ethics

Where Are You Based?

I offer a range of different options for sessions.


1-on-1 sessions are held at a convenient central London location a stone`s throw from London Bridge and easy commute access. Free parking is not available in this location but can be easily arranged online - click here.

Please note - This venue is not equipped to cater to those in need of special mobility access.

Remote sessions are offered via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp and are ideal if you 

prefer the convenience of online sessions or find travel difficult.

Home visits in London, other locations within the U.K. or if you are based overseas are available upon request. Please contact us if you`d like to find out more about this option.

Exploration & Taster Session

Exploration Session will offer you the opportunity to meet over the phone, enquire about my work and discover how I can best support you in your journey - it is a 30 minutes chat, free of charge or any commitments.


If you feel I’m the right match for you, I highly recommend a taster session to further support your experience of making an informed choice. This session is designed as an experiential introduction to the foundation of my work which is based on The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin and the basis of the practice and development of bodywork and conscious sexuality. 

Prior to our first appointment, you will receive by email an intake form and consent form as well as Terms & Conditions, that need to be completed and returned.

Investment & Pay It Forward

You can book a Taster Session which will give you an opportunity to experience a single session without the need for further commitment. 

As we work with Neuroplasticity, which requires repetition, practice and time for long term transformation to take place, I always recommend packages and retreats as the most cost-effective path. Practice makes it permanent! 

If you prefer to commit to one session at a time ad hoc sessions are also a great way to start your journey. You can always upgrade to packages at any time.

Pay it Forward!

If you feel you could benefit from my work but rates are a challenge I offer a limited number of sessions with reduced rates based on individual circumstances. Discounted group rates are also available.

Please get in touch to find out more -

I don`t know what my path is yet. I`m just walking on it  - Olivia Newton-John


Duration 60 Mins

Rate £80.00


Duration 60mins



Duration 90 Mins

Rate £110.00


Duration 90 Mins

Rate £160.00

Duration 120mins

Rate £220.00


Duration 90 Mins

Rate £195.00

Duration 120Mins

Rate £260.00


  3 sessions   5% off

  5 sessions 10% off

10 sessions 15% off

All bookings are subject to T&Cs


30 min


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