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Trust the wisdom of your body and pleasure will flow.

- KalyM












Pleasure is something that we are constantly seeking. It is our birthright to experience it in all of its many forms.  When we experience life's many pleasures, we do whatever we can to feel said pleasure again, and as much of it as possible. 


Most sexual and intimacy narratives are scripted out of media, religion centered cultures, and inherited through our familial upbringing backgrounds. 

None of these offer a true reflection of our own personal expressions of intimacy and sexuality.

Instead of relying on others to tell you what you want, need, like, dislike, should or shouldn`t be feeling, what would be like for you to discover and fall in love with your own skin? 

What would make it even better?


Pleasure Map stands for expanding your existing narratives and navigating the waves around sexuality; for making it a more real and connected experience, after all, intimacy and sexuality are at the core of how we relate to each other and ourselves.

Creativity, flexibility, passion, commitment, an open mind and lots of fun is what it is all about. Love Academy brings you an opportunity for exploration grounded in therapeutic practices while Desire Lab is an open space for the practice and expansion of pleasure. 


No matter which path you choose, there are three distinct areas of focus to explore in your journey - Education, Therapy & Pleasure. Each element has its own individual quality and yet there’s a symbiotic relationship that intertwines them all, making sessions educational, practical and effective to fulfill your deepest desires. 

There`s a fair amount of nerdy science that goes behind the scenes

of supporting you to mapping your pleasure. The foundation of my approach is based on The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin and rooted in pioneering study and understanding of the Polyvagal theory. Known as the science of connection.

All my sessions are centered and designed around your wants and needs and I offer a wide range of therapeutic modalities from talk-therapy and intimacy coaching to hands-on erotic exploration for you to pick n' mix as you please.

As you navigate my waves and discover more about me, the team and the services we offer, it`s important to notice that each therapeutic and pleasure modality have its own set of Code of Ethics; those are set out for your safety and ours. We deeply honor each practice individually and always work within the boundaries of their professional therapeutic modality which are discussed before each session, and new practice invitation. 

 My work focuses on helping you to safely explore, discover and shape the feelings in your own body, giving you agency and power to communicate, make clear requests and create your own pleasure map; because G not always marks the spot!


Each session is co-created with you to explore and fulfill the short, medium and long term desired outcome.   


While your desired outcome will be unique some common reasons people seek my professional support are:

  • Talk freely about any aspect of sexuality and get questions answered

  • Improve sexual communication and intimacy skills

  • Learn about touch, sensuality, and erotic skills

  • Enhance sexual connection and increase pleasure in the body.

  • Explore a variety of erotic practices such as BDSM (sadomasochism; bondage and discipline; dominance and submission); Erotic and Sensual Massage; Sex toys; Fantasy; Kink; Exhibitionism; Voyeurism and Open and Non-monogamous relationships.

  • Get information about STDs and safer sex; sexual anatomy, neurology and physiology, hygiene education and other areas of interest.

  • Resolve difficulties with sexuality such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, dissatisfaction with orgasm, inability to reach orgasm, lack of desire, unwanted virginity, pelvic pain, lack of experience, poor body image; low self-esteem, lack of sexual confidence and gender-related issues.

  • Expand self-pleasuring practice (masturbation coaching)

  • Freedom from guilt/shame/fear of intimacy

  • Couples Intimacy & Sex Coaching

  • Dating coaching and support

I work comfortably with all genders and all bodies - men, women, cis, trans and non-binary, disabled and non-disabled. I take active steps in my personal and professional development to cultivate a practice that is fully inclusive. All information and experiences are protected under strict confidentiality and in line with DGRP guidelines.


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