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The Art of Touch Is an immersive, sensual experience that aims to harness the sexual energies of the body for relaxation and healing. Mixing a range of different touches and massage techniques,  it incorporates a slow full body massage, breath, sound and movement to promote a complete state of relaxation and bliss. 


Sensual touch unlocks and allows you to fully experience the deep, erotic power of your body. Moving through waves of expansion and weaving arousing energy inviting you to surrender into a higher-level consciousness. 

How Does It Work?

From the luxurious Hawaiian Islands - Lomilomi Nui: The shores of mystical Japan - Acupressure; The jungles of India - Ritualistic ancient art of Tantra... all combined with exotic warm oils, safe environment and transcendental music, making it the perfect recipe for an exceptional experience. 


Sessions last a minimum of 90minutes and a maximum of 2hrs; during this time your body will be touched, teased, caressed and played with to your absolute satisfaction.

I encourage you to make requests, to flow with the natural rhythm of your body

giving voice to your deepest desires.


Integrative Sensual/Erotic Massage is for your own pleasure, it’s not a partnered experience, any Erotic touch is one way however clients may request anchoring contact i.e. hands and feet grounding touch, holding hands or being held, in the beginning, or end of a session. 

I remain clothed during your experience.


* Please Note, any genital/anal, touch will be agreed upon before the session and while it’s okay to reduce the level of agreement for any part of my experience and/or completely stop it; in order to safeguard pre-determined boundary agreements, it is not possible to increase the level of the agreement once the session has started.

Any further requests would have to be deferred to another session. 

Is It Right For Me?

Integrative Sensual/Erotic Massage is designed for the sensory exploration of arousal and receiving pleasure without performance-based pressure or demands, potentially taking you to deep relaxation and a hypnotic state of bliss.


It is for any consenting adult regardless of gender or sexual orientation. It supports you to down-regulate and be in touch with the sensations in your body. Direct or indirect benefits might include healing from trauma, aiding with sexual dysfunction, anxiety, depression, communication, relaxation, and self-esteem issues.

Even though the experience may promote positive therapeutic effects, it is NOT therapy and it`s not recommended for those who are in need or seeking any form of therapeutic, emotional and/or psychological healing or intervention. It is recommended for those who wish to expand their sexual exploration through guided sensory awareness.

Where Are You Based?

I offer a range of different options for sessions.


1-on-1 sessions are held at a convenient central London location a stone`s throw from London Bridge and easy commute access. Free parking is not available in this location but can be easily arranged online - click here. 

Please note - This venue is not equipped to cater to those in need of special mobility access.​

Home visits in London, other locations within the U.K. or if you are based overseas are available upon request. Please contact me if you`d like to find out more about this option.

The Art Of Touch workshops are available on a 1-on-1 basis and groups. 

Retreats are offered for those wishing to make the most of their time and benefit from a fully immersive experience. Read More

Exploration & Taster Sessions

This is not your average sensual/erotic massage, it is designed and delivered to fulfill your individual desires. Exploration Session will give you the opportunity to meet over the phone, enquire about my work and discover how I can best support you in your journey - it is a 30 minutes chat, free of charge or any commitments.


If you feel I’m the right match for you, I highly recommend a taster session to further support your experience of making an informed choice. These sessions are designed as an experiential introduction to the foundation of my work which is based on The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin and the basis of the practice and development of bodywork and conscious sexuality. 

*Please note I do not offer, nudity or genital touch during a taster session even if it`s what`s desired. 

Prior to our first appointment, you will receive by email an intake form and consent form as well as Terms & Conditions, that need to be completed and returned.

Investment & Pay It Forward

Indulgence is the word that comes to mind when I think of the Desire Lab collection; give yourself permission to experience the delightful pleasures of sensual and Erotic touch.


Sessions are booked individually on an ad hoc basis or as packages.

Pay it Forward!

If you feel you could benefit from my work but rates are a challenge I offer a limited number of sessions with reduced rates based on individual circumstances. Discounted group rates are also available.

Please get in touch to find out more -

The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure and pleasure my business. 

- Aaron Burr




Duration 60 Mins

Rate £120.00


Duration 60 Mins



Duration 90 Mins

Rate £190.00

Duration 120 Mins

Rate £350.00


4 Hands Massage

Duration 90 Mins

Rate £450.00

Duration 120 Mins

Rate £600.00


30 min



Duration 120 Mins

Rate £300.00


Duration 120 Mins

Rate £550.00


Duration 120 Mins

Rate £130.00 p/p


  3 sessions   5% off

  5 sessions 10% off

10 sessions 15% off

All bookings are subject to T&Cs


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