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You Can, You Should, and if you are brave enough to start, YOU WILL.

- Stephen King


Ladies and Gentleman, Gays, Lesbians, Queers, Pansexuals, Trans Nation, Fairies from all lands and denominations, Sensual Gods & Goddesses, singles, couples everything in between and most importantly of all YOU! 

Welcome to 5 Senses a bespoke collection of exciting and interactive workshops to titillate, excite and educate your pretty little selves.

Some experiences are our own creation while others are collaborations with the very best in their field of expertise brought to you by your friendly Certified Sex Geek and Pleasure Adventurer, the one and only KalyM  &  Team




Come along and play with us in this fun, interactive workshop about body confidence. 

Your body is the perfect body. 

Let's hang out!


*Open for women and those who identify as women.


This Little Piggy

Calling all feet lovers and curious minds. An interactive workshop to explore the delights of feet worship. Twinkle, Twinkly little toes.


*Open to ALL

Note: Some invitations are partnered experiences and we do not guarantee preferential gender partnering.



Experience first hand a flavor of Sexual Surrogacy, including, Q&As, interactive experiences and about our training. Free


*Open to skeptical beings, curious minds, therapists, media and all.


Touch ME!

A Free introduction to The Art of Touch - desire, communication, consent and expression of pleasure. 


*Open to ALL

Note: Some invitations are partnered experiences and we do not guarantee preferential gender partnering.



Join us for a free, interactive talk about Premature Ejaculation and learn 5 easy ways to support yourself and your partner to overcome it.


*Open for all genders, singles, couples, and in-betweeners.


Down There...

An exciting exploration of your body with guided anatomy, show n' tell, open Q&A, create your own art, hands-on tips & practice and lots of feminine fun.

Show up & Show Off!


*Open to owners of Vulvas of all sexual orientation. Note: For this experience, nudity is an open invitation but not a requirment.

Subscribe to our workshops and  tell us what would you like to experience

Thanks for submitting!

Dates will become available soon; tickets can be purchased online on our site or through trusted partners;  you will need to reserve your place in advance. 5 Senses Collection workshops are limited to small numbers - reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.

While most of our workshops do not require full nudity, some will encourage and welcome its practice. 

The level of Nakedness you are expected to experience during our workshops is almost entirely determined by the offering of each individual experience, your personal level of comfort and feeling of safety. please check details to avoid surprises.

We have tried, tested, learned and put ourselves on the line to create and choose all the workshops and experiences we feature on our site; however, each experience is uniquely individual and we do not accept responsibility for workshops held by third parties and promoted through our site. If you experience anything that you didn`t like, don`t talk behind our backs, contact us and let us know.

Our workshops are not designed to provide therapy support for the group or individuals wishing to participate unless stated in the description. While we work really hard to ensure we deliver an educational, experiential, inclusive, fun and safe environment we can`t guarantee or predict that you or any other participant won`t have some emotional or physical experiences during our workshops that may require further assistance. Our facilitators and partners are hand-picked by their experience and trained to support your process at all times.   

We strive to make our workshops inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all, please let us know if  you:

  • Have any questions

  • Have requests

  • Can`t find what you are looking for

  • Feel left out or not represented

  • Have Suggestions

  • Love us and want to become a part of the team

  • Love our work and want to become an agent

  • Would like to help us design better workshops

  • Are not sure about something

  • Didn`t like us and want to tell us to... (well, that`s up to you)

please contact us at 



Our events are hosted at secret locations known only by us and those who venture to come inside and discover a world of possibilities


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