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Our relational and sexual issues are often what makes us the most vulnerable and susceptible to not coping with the challenges of everyday life; regaining the balance in ourselves is the best way to reach a deeper connection and freedom to ignite our Erotic Fire.

Based on the work of Sexological Bodywork and Sexual Surrogacy; adapted and re-designed to support couples to reignite their passion, connect at a deeper level and overcome relational and sexual issues. 


We offer a fast track path to jumpstart lifestyle changes while being supported and inspired by; Top practitioners, state of the art facilities, delicious cuisine and creative experiences to cater to all tastes and budgets.

Why Do You Recommend it?

  • Financial Sense - Retreats and Experiences are more economic than a succession of single sessions and packages, not always because they cost less but because they have overall better experiential value.

  • Professional Expertise - When sessions are experienced in a continuous consecutive and/or neutral open everyday life context it dissolves the separation that is often created in a clinical/private environment between the distinction of ‘inside the therapeutic bubble’ and ‘At home’ making it more ‘real’ thus effective process. Read More

  • Nerdy Science - Accessing long term intimacy and sexual behavioral changes involve creating new ways of being and relating. The entry point for this transformation is through the repetition of actions, thoughts, and habits which leads to the development of new neural networks (aka neuroplasticity). Without this repetition, the experience can be ‘lost’ in short term memory and while a new intimate way of being can be accessed and practiced in a single session it’s likely it will take a long time for the penny to drop. Read More 

  • Time is our most prized commodity. The immersive nature of Retreats maximizes the time that is spent in a therapeutic process while shortening exponentially time that’s needed for you to experience or re-frame your desired outcome.

  • They are great fun - Who doesn`t like to get away from time to time?  


 The Journey is YOUR destination!

How Does It Work?

You are the creator and designer of your experience and the first step is to share your ideal getaway based on - availability, location, duration, preferred retreat style, and budget. If you have something specific in mind, I would love to hear it. Based on your requests my team will curate the best retreat, handpicking every detail to the highest standards and you will receive an all-inclusive quote for your approval.


I will not be physically present during your time away however you will have access to two hour-long daily mentoring online sessions - one in the morning to check-in and one in the evening to check-out. During this time we will co-create the content of your experience with structured day to day practices and long term plans based on your needs and desired outcome as a couple and individuals. All experiences are focused to support a deeper understanding of your sexual and intimate exploration while designed to be playful, interactive, safe, relaxing and fun. Enough time will be allocated for - hanging around,  pillow-talk, hands-on bodywork and rest. The time structure is flexible and negotiable - Be it in the Spa, having a walk or eating together, everything will revolve around teachings that support your journey. After each day you are invited to write up a journal and share it with me (by email) and, if desired, each other - these will be the blueprint to guide us into the next step.



If you feel you need a little more support I also offer Hands-on sessions. You will have access to ongoing mentoring, plus guided intimacy practices and following all the guidelines above. Please note while I may be present, observe and guide couples in their intimate, sexual practices, I do not engage in any sexual exchange with either or both parties. 

Is It Right for Me?

Couple's Retreat is for anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation in a relationship and over the age of 18 looking to explore in a safe, non-judgemental container their sexual desires, expansion, pleasure and/or overcome limitations.

Just for You is based on the work of Sexological Bodywork and Sexual Surrogacy and it is not psychotherapy, tantra or medical treatment. It is trauma-informed however it is NOT designed as trauma therapy. 


An exploration of guided intimate connection with yourself with your partner, discovering new ways of relating to you and others. While experiences are an invitation you might if desired and appropriate, explore all aspects of an intimate relationship with your own body. This is a partnered practice designed for couples. 

If you are single please refer to Sexual Surrogacy

Where In The World?

I am based in the U.K. and most of my work is carried out in London, however, I`m available to work in most countries in Europe, South & Central America,  Caribbean & Pacific Islands, North America, New Zeland, and Australia. I also offer my services in South Africa and Israel.

Sessions are in English but I`m also fluent in Portuguese and have a good understanding and communication skills in Spanish and Italian. 

*Please note - my availability to travel to your country of choice is subject to visa requirements and approval (when applicable) and safety-related issues. For more information on destinations please contact us

Exploration & Taster Session

Exploration Session will give you the opportunity to meet over the phone, enquire about my work and discover how I can best support you in your journey - it is a 30 minutes chat, free of charge or any commitments.


If you feel I’m the right match for you, I highly recommend a taster session to further support your experience of making an informed choice. These sessions are designed as an experiential introduction to the foundation of my work which is based on The Wheel of Consent by Dr. Betty Martin and the basis of the practice and development of bodywork and conscious sexuality. 

*Please note I do not offer genital touch during a taster session even if it`s what`s desired. 

Prior to our first appointment, you will receive by email an intake form and consent form as well as Terms & Conditions, that need to be completed and returned.

Investment & Pay It Forward

Retreats Vs Programmes

The average hourly rate for Sexological Bodywork sessions in the UK is between £110.00 to £260.00 + VAT (when applicable). On average packages will offer discounts of 5% - 3 sessions, 10%  - 5 sessions or 15% - 10 sessions and other variations of packages such as Buy 5 get one Free.

The number of sessions required for you to access your desired outcome is as unique and individual as you are, in the UK clients on average have anything between 1 to 15 sessions for a minimum 2hrs sessions, give or take.


Meaning - a full package based 10, 1-on-1, sessions for couples  (equivalent to 20hrs) would take on average ten months and set you back £2340.00 plus your travel costs and time off work. 


By comparison - REMOTE SESSION a 2-night retreat in a luxurious 4* Hotel in the stunning City of Venice would set you back £1010.00 including - Flights from London, UK, Accommodation (x1 suite), Breakfast, 2hrs of Mentoring Online Sessions per day (equivalent to 6hrs) plus as many hrs of practice as you choose, in a stunning organic environment.


By comparison - HANDS-ON SESSION a 2-night retreat in a luxurious 4* Hotel in the stunning City of Venice would set you back £2800.00. Including - Flights from London, UK, Accommodation (x2 suites), Breakfast, Ongoing Mentoring plus as many guided hrs of practice as you choose, in a stunning organic environment.

*Travel insurance, Visas (when applicable), Local Taxes, and airport transfers are not included. Inbound flights to the UK for those based overseas are also not included.

The retreat rates are subject to availability at the time of booking and are not inclusive of therapeutic fees. Remote Online Mentoring Sessions £110.00 for 90 Mins. Hands-on Daily Therapeutic Fee is £700.00 inclusive of VAT.


Below are a few more options to tantalize your imagination and awaken your senses. Sexual and Intimacy therapeutic experiences at its BEST!   



2 Nights @ 4* Boutique Hotel on a BnB basis in the Romantic City of Venice. Inclusive of Flights from London.





3 Nights @ 5* Boutique Hotel on a BnB basis in the historic City of St. Petersburg. Inclusive of Flights from London.





4 Nights @ 4* Resort on a Half-Board basis in the stunning Island of Madeira. Inclusive of Flights from London.




30 min


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