What's going on in the Bedroom?

I was binge-watching a series on Netflix, as one often does and there was plenty of sex or sexual encounters showcased - Nice! - The only problem was I couldn’t relate to or see myself realistically in any of those interactions. And while I knew that was just meant for entertainment value it got me thinking…

We all live in a world of unrealistic expectations which has led most of us to have a very distorted notion of intimacy and relationship.

We all grew up with notions of princes & princesses as the perfect measure of a relationship - “They lived Happily ever after…”

Over 10 years of primary education, with our butts glued to a chair learning and memorizing facts and formulas to better ourselves and become productive citizens. We are never educated about the things that really matter; sex, intimacy, relationship, boundaries, pleasure, nutrition, finance, mental health, relaxation, being present, thinking outside the box, etc…

Our connection with sex & intimacy is pre-determined by our understanding of the same and the standards of intimacy and sex we are fed and live by are unattainable and undesirable for most of us.

A client once said to me “No one knows a fuck about sex”, venting his frustration after spending all his sexual life experiencing Erectile Disfunction and not finding the help he was seeking - until we met! (allow me to brag)


95% of men are concerned about their penis size, 63% of women have never experienced an orgasm with a partner while 36% have never experienced orgasms at all. Labiaplasty (labia plastic surgery) and vaginoplasty (Vaginal plastic surgery) have increased 83% in the last five years and people bleach their assholes because ‘pink’ is what makes an ass sexy, I guess? Girls wanting boob jobs for their 12th birthdays and men all ages getting hooked up on porn to such a level that by the time they want to be sexual with a partner they can’t relate and the body doesn’t respond - Porn-Induced  Erectile Dysfunction (PIED).

Sexual and Intimacy education is the conversation to focus on if we are ever going to make a real difference.

The Naked Room will be hosting in London a series of, free, workshops to support you in a fun, interactive and informative way to bridge the gap between unrealistic expectations vs the reality of connected stress-free intimacy. Dates will be released soon.

Register your interest at

With ‘Connected’ Pleasure

Kaly M

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