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What is Sex & Intimacy Coaching?

This is often the first question anyone considering a session with a Sex & Intimacy coach asks.

In the grand scheme of professional therapeutic modalities and quest for personal growth, the hands-on approach of Sex & Intimacy coaching is relatively new; in saying that practices such as Tantra and books like the Kama Sutra have been a form of ancient Sex & Intimacy Coaching for around 5000 years or so and are still somewhat practiced today. (more on the subject soon)

The response I get from people when I say I`m a Sex & Intimacy Coach is almost always the same; first, the eyes widen and the brows are raised, then something along the lines of “How interesting…” followed by silence with a tangible expectation that I`ll say something to satisfy the burning curiosity my profession generates.

I find it very amusing but at the same time sad that my work is so needed and yet misrepresented. There’s a big drive to normalize mental health but we haven’t yet arrived at the point where sexual & intimacy health and wellbeing are openly addressed.

In order to satisfy your curiosity -  Here is what really happens…

Unless you have experienced Sex & Intimacy Coaching you won’t know what happens because each individual session is co-created to meet your unique needs and desired outcome. Meaning there’s no point in creating expectations of things that may or may not happen by describing a session that might be nothing like what you have in mind, desire, need or even want.

What I can tell you is this…

Sexual Satisfaction means - Listening to you. You are invited to step into a space where talking about our deepest desires, secret fantasies, buried pain, and boundless potential is on the agenda. In somatic terms, we don’t just talk about it, we embody it!

Sexual Satisfaction means - Connecting with you. Many aspects of our intimate challenges and expansions are rooted in relationship and so are the opportunities for transformation. You are invited to form an authentic connection with me exploring and experimenting with the intricacies and dynamics of a relationship. My job is to be a secure anchor for you to relate with while safely exploring your edges.

Sexual Satisfaction means - Embodiment. Having a secure, compassionate, permissive connection with me allows you to trust in yourself and your body and really get know what makes you tick and what you really need and want from your other connections. Experiencing an embodied relationship in mutually satisfying ways you become empowered to have mutually satisfying relationships with others.

Sexual Satisfaction means - I may not always agree with you. Knowing our individual boundaries and being able to communicate them is an important part of Sex & Intimacy Coaching. In any relationship when there is a moment of disagreement, be it in desires or communication that ends up triggering you or your partner, rather than that breaking up the relational connection I am deeply committed to true repair, so you can have a model for that in all your relationships.

Sexual Satisfaction means - It is for you. We learn about ourselves through our relationships with others. I am genuinely committed to helping you get more of what you want out of life and relationships. I will give you candid constructive feedback just as readily as they will get your juices flowing.

Sex & Intimacy Coaching lands somewhere between a private workshop and counseling offering the opportunity to take a hands-on (and clothes on or off) approach to cultivating more intimacy with yourself.

A life of sexual & intimate self-awareness is the basis for sharing true intimacy with others.

This is not just about giving you a novelty experience. It’s about helping you to cultivate skills and confidence, through direct, embodied experience, that enables you to show up more fully in all of your relationships and your life.

With Satisfying Pleasure


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*NOTE: Sex & Intimacy Coaching is not psychotherapy, surrogacy, tantra or medical treatment. It is trauma-informed however it is NOT designed as trauma therapy.

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